Avatar Jack Sully Halloween Costume

Blue Is In!

Will you link with your avatar this Halloween with an Avatar Jack Sully Halloween costume, and join the Na’vi on Pandora?

Mankind’s greed is personified by Colonel Quaritch, who wants to destroy this indigenous tribe for a precious mineral called unobtanium, located at the Tree of Souls.

Jake Sully, an ex-war veteran who has lost the use of his legs, is sent to learn as much as he can about the Na’vi tribe so that the Colonel could plan his attack. Will Jake Sully accomplish his mission?


Jake Sully adult deluxe Avatar Halloween costume


Explore a world where animals, nature and your being is one and all with this Jake Sully Deluxe Adult Costume.

A tan jacket with ruched shoulders, an attached black t-shirt with Na’vi type sleeves and tan cargo style pants with an attached Na’vi tail is part of the Jake Sully Avatar Halloween costume look.

The courageous blue Na’vi mask completes the look.

Don’t forget your weapon of choice : a a Na’vi spear (not included), or a a Na’vi bow, a healthy dose of believing in yourself and a fearless ‘can-do’ attitude.

If you are a fearless Na’vi warrior girl, you may want to also check out the Na’vi princess costumes.

Avatar Halloween costume deluxe Jake Sully child

Soar with your Banshee to discover the Hallelujah mountains, or jump on a Toruk to unite the five Na’vi tribes.

Children can also have the bravery and courage of Jake Sully and your child can capture that brave spirit in this deluxe Jake Sully child costume this Halloween.

Like the adult Jake Sully Avatar Halloween costume above, it comes with a ruched shoulder tan jacket with attached black t-shirt, Na’vi tribe sleeves, tan pants with a tail and the blue Na’vi tribe mask.

Jake Sully decides to stay behind in the end, he and Neytiri had fallen in love and he was going to start a new life as a member of the Na”Vi tribe.

Don’t forget your Avatar party supplies. You are now ready to do battle!


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Avatar Jack Sully Halloween Costume

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